How do I plan for college?

Relieve Stress Today. Ensure Success Tomorrow.

$17,860 – Average annual cost at a 4-year public college.

5 Years – Average length of stay

8% – Average tuition increase

$98,300 Estimated total cost of college plus interest if tuition is borrowed

$1,091 Estimated monthly payment, based on 10-year note & 6% interest

We employ the college planning expertise of Tucker College Solutions to accomplish three things:

  • Help students find the right college for them.
  • Maximize financial aid potential.
  • Develop a plan to help pay for college with zero impact on cash flow or retirement.

We want to ensure you do not disqualify your student for potential financial aid, and help you put together a college payment plan that has minimal impact on cash flow and retirement.

Ultimately, our college planning experts in Denver, CO want to show you how to pay for college in the most comfortable manner possible. We will personally meet with you one-on-one and develop a plan based upon your goals and criteria.

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